I was really wanting to do 25 Acts of Kindness this December. What I had in mind was to actually do something nice for a stranger and while I could probably figure out something to do that did not involve money or me leaving the house, I just didn't think that would really work for me this month. I am pretty much always working on things here at home and rarely ever leave the house. So I decided that for the month of December I am going to surprise one person on my friends list each day with one graphic made by me for 25 days. I am going to come back each day and add the graphic that I gave that day to the table I made so I can keep track of them all and have a completed post when it is all finished. I don't know about anyone else, but the month of December and the holidays always put me in the giving spirit. I thought that this was a good way to let you all know I am thinking about you this holiday season.

I rarely get sick, but I was sick two weeks ago and was finally feeling better this last week until yesterday. I feel absolutely horrible. Yesterday I felt like I was getting sick but I always fight it..I never submit! So I tend to go about my day as usual but I am struggling today. I actually feel like going and laying down which is most definitely not like me. I am just worried if I do I won't sleep tonight. My throat is killing me, I barely have a voice, can't clear my throat and my head is pounding. I feel feverish but Kristen said that I haven't had a fever so who knows. Last night I was just super clammy. I am just down right tired of either being sick or hurt lately!

It is kind of weird because when I am not feeling well that is when I make some of my best blinkies and have the urge to just create. It seems like the only thing I can be lazy and at the same time enjoy doing when I am sick. So I have been piecing together some little scenes the last two days! Here are some of the ones I made, please do not rip them apart or anything, I just wanted to show you all what I made:

I have a few things to get made for the boutique still, which is a week from tomorrow. Yikes! I am just hoping I feel better so that I can get some more work done and get all organized and ready. I would like to be ready at least the day before if not two days before. I want to have everything packed and ready to go so I just have to worry about setting up on sale day! I know I will feel stressed so the more I can have done and not have worry about the better.

Yesterday I got all of my Christmas cards ready to mail out. I hope to have them out in the next couple days. This year I am sending out closer to 20 which I think is almost double compared to last year! Well I guess I am going to go chill and see if I can get myself to feel even just a little better! I was hoping to have been back at spin class this next week but, I guess I will have to just see how it goes. I hope everyone else is well!
I have been reading all of your entries. I try to leave at least a little comment so that you know I am reading! ♥

P.S. How do you all cross post..I have never figured that out!



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