Stupid Legs

Aug. 2nd, 2012 06:34 pm
So some of you know that I have needed to go to the Dr. for quite sometime because of the constant pain I am having in my legs. Well the more people I talk to (including people in the health field) it is quite possible that I have blood clots in my legs and if not I may have fibromyalgia. The whole possibility of clots is freaking me out though being that I am exercising and excessive amount now. So I decided it was time to go. I hadn;t gone because I am on a new state insurance that a limited amount of people are on and I have a new Dr. that I have never seen and she is at the Hospital only. So I get the number from member services to make an appt. I called the hospital on Tuesday and talked to the scheduling department for the Family Care Center at the hospital and the lady proceeded to tell me that she wasn't going to get the schedule until yesterday morning for August. We spent several hours on hold waiting to schedule and when I finally got through she tells me that they have no apts. available! So you mean to tell me that August filled up in a matter of 6 hours?! I was pissed, but she was all" call back on Friday and check if there is an opening". They wonder why everyone ends up at the only ER that will take state insurance. Needless to say that is what I am going to have to do which blows because it is an all day adventure, literally! I just can't wait any longer though I am miserable no matter what I do. If I lay down, or sit up it just doesn't matter my legs ache constantly. Also, I have been told that if you have fibro that if you exercise it helps, is that true for those of you that have knowledge about this disease? Because if that is true I may not have it. It is worse with exercising than it was before but that won't stop me. The only thing going to stop me is if I have blood clots and have a heart attack or something!
I went to the hospital today for my surgical consult and saw the surgeon. I have inclusion cysts on my head that are about the size of a quarter and the size of a nickel. I also have one on my forehead that is the smallest but it is the most painful. They declined do remove that one though and said that it would require plastic surgery. They set a surgery date for May 2. I was really surprised because last time I had one removed they just did local anesthesia and made an incision, scraped them out and sewed my head back up. This time though they are putting me under anesthesia and doing full surgery which blew me away. I just didn't expect that. So even though I have had this done one other time I decided to look it up on the internet and the pictures were absolutely disgusting. Maybe I should not have looked lol!

Tomorrow is my second to last day of class and I am getting so excited but will be sad at the same time. I am such a good student and really belong in the class room. I tend to not feel as strong or confident in the workforce. Plus I will miss everyone! I know that it is time to move on to bigger and better things though and that this is my time to shine and show everyone what I've got! The sky is the limit now. I think my certificate might be ready tomorrow but if not definitely Thursday. That will be framed for sure and hung somewhere in our apt. I already have a frame picked out and everything lol! Then I have 2 weeks until the national exam and I am going to try and study 4 hours a day with maybe weekends off. It will be crunch time and I have resolved myself to the fact that I can rest when it is over but this test wasn't cheap and I am ready to pass it the first time!

Then the day after my test I am spending a three day weekend with my best friend [ profile] littlered21 in AZ and that is very exciting. I just know that three days is never going to be enough time to do everything we want to do lol! A ton of pictures will be taken though and we can stop usuing the same picture for all the bestie offers and we both will be happy about that I am sure :P Going to hopefully be booking the hotel and all this next week which will really seal the deal. It will be a much needed break and a whole lot of fun!

Gonna look over my material for tomorrow and then call it a night in about an hour or so. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

"Hope never abandons you; you abandon it!"

Time is flying by now! This last Thursday marked exactly one week until I complete my internship, two weeks until I graduate from my class and one month until I sit for the National exam. I am so excited and yet so nervous at the same time. Things seem to finally be falling into place. I also have a real chance at getting employment with Walgreen's now which after hearing what they pay would be amazing!!

Tonight I had one fear put aside and for that I am thankful. My mom has been so sick and we have a history of pancreatic cancer in our family. Her and myself were afraid due to the symptoms that was what we may be dealing with. However, she was so sick this week that she couldn't wait for her appointment on March 14, so she went into the doctor and she has gall stones for sure and thankfully she was assurred that her pancreas looks clean! I could finally breath a bit better tonight. Just to show how close we are she woke up Thursday in so much pain she got into the Dr. immediately...well that night I had a dream that she was dying and I was saying my goodbyes. I am one of those people that believes in signs and such, so I thought for sure my dream was a message. So far so good, thankfully! I will be looking forward to the final results after March 14.

I am starting to get a little nervous about my surgery next Tuesday, it should be fairly easy but I am not looking forward to the pain. I am having some gigantic calcium deposits removed from my head...probably three in total. I have had it done once before but it was in a dermatologists office and I had insurance then, this is through the state and at the hospital in the same day surgery. I am not looking forward to the stitches in my head. They make it impossible to sleep comfortably but on the bright side I will not have these horrible looking things on my head any longer.
Well that is my update for this last week. I have to get some sleep soon as I have work in the morning from 10-6.



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