Dec. 3rd, 2012 11:25 pm
I was invited to see a movie today that I had never heard of. I guess there have even been previews, but I hadn't seen one so I Google'd it and decided I did want to see it. I met Kristen's aunts Julie and Becky at the movie theater this afternoon and we saw The Life of Pi in 3D. Unfortunately Kristen had to work so it was just us, but I do things with them all the time so it totally isn't weird. I actually look forward to spending time with them. It was a really good movie and I recommend seeing it! It was so moving and the story was neat! I held back the tears a few times, but at the end I just couldn't any longer. The movie was a book, so some of you nutty (only because I rarely read) readers on my friend's list may have even read it before. I usually do not pay extra for 3D movies unless there is a good reason, because I just do not think it makes a huge difference in most movies, but today they had already decided to see it in 3D and I was a guest. In all honesty I do not think this movie would have been the same without seeing it in 3D, so I really do recommend seeing it that way if you can! Afterwards we went across the street to this Italian place called Dahlia's. They have delicious pizza so we shared a supreme pizza and a basket of my favorite breaded mushrooms with ranch. It was just a really nice afternoon and evening and I enjoyed getting out of the house.

Anyways I am still sick but fighting it daily! My voice is so deep and I am pretty sure I sound like a man (who knows maybe I sound sexy) lol! My nose is stuffy to the point I can't taste my food and yet manages to run a little here and there. I hope Kristen isn't sick like this as well, because she came home from work after only being there for 3 hours last night because she threw up while working. She seemed to be okay the rest of the day today though and still went to work tonight. If she gets sick I sure hope it's done and out of the way before Saturday and that I am better by then too. I just don't want either of us to be miserable for my boutique or for the Disneyland event that evening.
Oh hey life! I didn't see you behind all that worry... )

I rarely get sick, but I was sick two weeks ago and was finally feeling better this last week until yesterday. I feel absolutely horrible. Yesterday I felt like I was getting sick but I always fight it..I never submit! So I tend to go about my day as usual but I am struggling today. I actually feel like going and laying down which is most definitely not like me. I am just worried if I do I won't sleep tonight. My throat is killing me, I barely have a voice, can't clear my throat and my head is pounding. I feel feverish but Kristen said that I haven't had a fever so who knows. Last night I was just super clammy. I am just down right tired of either being sick or hurt lately!

It is kind of weird because when I am not feeling well that is when I make some of my best blinkies and have the urge to just create. It seems like the only thing I can be lazy and at the same time enjoy doing when I am sick. So I have been piecing together some little scenes the last two days! Here are some of the ones I made, please do not rip them apart or anything, I just wanted to show you all what I made:

I have a few things to get made for the boutique still, which is a week from tomorrow. Yikes! I am just hoping I feel better so that I can get some more work done and get all organized and ready. I would like to be ready at least the day before if not two days before. I want to have everything packed and ready to go so I just have to worry about setting up on sale day! I know I will feel stressed so the more I can have done and not have worry about the better.

Yesterday I got all of my Christmas cards ready to mail out. I hope to have them out in the next couple days. This year I am sending out closer to 20 which I think is almost double compared to last year! Well I guess I am going to go chill and see if I can get myself to feel even just a little better! I was hoping to have been back at spin class this next week but, I guess I will have to just see how it goes. I hope everyone else is well!
I have been reading all of your entries. I try to leave at least a little comment so that you know I am reading! ♥

P.S. How do you all cross post..I have never figured that out!



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