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2013-01-16 12:35 am
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Food/Exercise Log




6 in.Oven Roasted Chicken Breast on Wheat/Subway
        w/double meat, lettuce, bell pepper, red onion, provolone

Seasoned salmon fillet
Green Beans
Spinach, tomato and cucumber salad
         w/ light Buttermilk Ranch



None today

2013-01-15 04:46 pm
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Help In Any Way You Can

I started my own jewelry business in April of 2012 called Entwined Creations and have been struggling to get the tools and supplies needed to make my business as successful as I know it can be. So many people are interested in my creations and I would love to be able to adapt and create new pieces. The tools needed are not extremely expensive individually but when combined are more than I can afford in any reasonable time frame. As a result I am trying to raise some money for the things I need to get started successfully. If you can help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated! If you are unable to help, your support is also a great gesture. Although my website is not 100% complete, it is in the process and you are welcome to go and sign up for the newsletter!

2013-01-15 02:09 pm
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Scrapbook 2013

Scrapbook 2013

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2013-01-11 11:13 pm
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Goings On...

Yesterday I went to Beach Crafter's, which is the store that is going to carry my jewelry in Long Beach, CA. I thought it would be a good idea to go and look and see what it was like and what I would need to set up my display. It was neat, there were some really talented artists. Everything from bags made from men's ties, hand dyed scarves and handmade pottery to quilts and different jewelry. The owner told me about first Fridays, which is a street fair that happens the first Friday of every month right on the street outside the store. She said they get a lot of traffic. After checking it out I decided I am going to rent a 4 x 4 spot which will cost $80/mo. I had to go get a table of some kind, so yesterday I went around to a bunch of thrift stores and finally found the perfect table at a local Goodwill. It is a drop leaf table, so the ends fold over and then this particular table has three leafs in the center...it means this table can adjust from 2 ft. to 7 ft.depending on what pieces you use. It also is real wood and can be refinished. It was an awesome score!! It is a perfect table for just about every situation, the best part is it was only $39.99! I have decided that I am going to set up my table similar to what I had the set up look like for the boutique. Here are the pictures from the boutique table that I set up (http://tarakins42.livejournal.com/148871.html) Do you all have any suggestions of things I should change or make look different or do you think it looks good the way it was?!

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2013-01-08 03:33 pm
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Personality Test

I like taking personality quizzes so I went ahead and took this one and I thought I would post it if anyone else is interested.
I took the Myer Briggs Personality test at this link http://www.okcupid.com/tests/take?testid=16567335035599898597 and then when I got my results I went to the top of this page and selected my letter combination to see what it said about me http://www.davidmarkley.com/personality/personhome.htm. It is really accurate, here is my personality type:


"The Protector"

Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judgement

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2013-01-06 10:37 pm


Welcome to all my new friends!! If you would like to know more about me there is an about me link to the left, plenty of info on my profile page, and a 30 day meme in the tags that also has quite a bit about me! I am so excited to get to know some new faces on my Livejournal!
2013-01-04 11:32 pm
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2013-01-04 10:14 pm
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Thank you!

I would like to thank the following people for sending me the adorable gingerbread man this holiday season! I appreciate you all thinking about me...[livejournal.com profile] nessainwe[livejournal.com profile] endlessblush[livejournal.com profile] j4ud
[livejournal.com profile] bescoh21[livejournal.com profile] zombiequeen[livejournal.com profile] scruzgirl
[livejournal.com profile] sarahmarie[livejournal.com profile] candycorn[livejournal.com profile] mitchs_heather
[livejournal.com profile] ladyofavalon77
2013-01-04 05:26 pm

My year in review...

Here is my 2012 year in review!

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2012-12-31 10:35 am
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2012 Wrap Up

2012 In The Beginning...
Where did you ring in the New Year? At Kristen's aunnt's house with a bunch of family.
Who were you with? My wife and her mom's side of the family.
Did you kiss anyone at midnight? I kissed my wife
Did you make any resolutions? Not really, I always try to stay as healthy as possible when the New Year starts though. It is like a fresh start.

2012 Your Love Life...
Single/Taken? Taken
How many relationships did you have? Two I guess, because Kristen and I were going through a tough time and I had the whole Irene thing going on in the beginning of the year.
How many break ups? Kristen and I did break up technically for about a month or so.
How many people did you kiss? Three (long story lol, but you can always ask)

2012 Friends and Enemies...
Did you meet any new friends this year? I met some wonderful friends here that I adore
Did any of your friendships end? Yes, sadly but it needed to happen
Did you dislike anyone? Probably, but I never voice those sorts of things
Did you get into any fights? No
Did you make any new enemies? Probably, but I don't pay much attention to that sort of stuff
Did you resolve any fights? Just the break up with Kristen
Who was your closest friend? [livejournal.com profile] sarahmarie[livejournal.com profile] fission[livejournal.com profile] fearlessly[livejournal.com profile] tnb310[livejournal.com profile] littlered21[livejournal.com profile] alejandra

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2012-12-30 02:10 pm
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Thank you!

Before I start posting about my Christmas, I wanted to take time out to thank each and every one of you that sent me a Christmas card! They were all so beautiful! I came home to a few as well since I left for Colorado the 20th of December. I am so grateful for all of your friendships and I was so happy to receive mail from you all! Next year I hope to send out even more as the number of cards that go out gets bigger each year! A BIG thank you to [livejournal.com profile] fission[livejournal.com profile] amorably
[livejournal.com profile] scruzgirl[livejournal.com profile] misbhvnprincess[livejournal.com profile] ashtrevino05
[livejournal.com profile] civygirl[livejournal.com profile] sarahmarie[livejournal.com profile] sight
[livejournal.com profile] ladyofavalon77[livejournal.com profile] luvstrukk
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2012-12-25 11:54 am
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Merry Christmas

I just wanted to wish all of my wonderful friends a Merry Christmas! My trip home has been fantastic for the most part and I of course will have proper entries when I get back home and settled!! Although I received many amazing and awesome gifts from my family as did Kristen, my camera is the best!!! I am so excited to finally have some better quality photos.

Last night it did snow starting around midnight when we headed back to the hotel. It left a dusting and gave me the opportunity to say that we have a white Christmas. Last night as we were driving to the hotel, the clock turned midnight and I looked over at Kristen and told her Merry Christmas and we shared a kiss. I thought it was pretty sweet and in it's own way, a little romantic...it's memories like these that mean the most to me! All in all I have been pretty happy with the weather and the small amount of snow has been nice unlike last years blizzard.

I sure hope you all are having a wonderful time with family and friends or however you celebrate the holidays! I may have received more cards and I will be sure to thank you all when I get home on Thursday and find them waiting for me! Also, thank you for all the beautiful comments and Christmas wishes I received from some of you!

2012-12-16 05:35 pm
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This is an absolutely horrible time of year for Ashley ([livejournal.com profile] littlered21) and her family to be going through all of this! Last night Ashley was taken by ambulance and was in respiratory failure. She is at John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Hospital in AZ. She is currently in the ICU and on full support as of now. She is somewhat stable... but is needing all the support, thoughts and prayers we can give her.
2012-12-11 09:13 pm


I just wanted to proclaim that I am Super Woman....i shopped for over a dozen people (multiple gifts for each) in 2 days!!! The best part is I did it all by myself. My family, Kristen's family...everyone is done!! We usually only buy for my family for Christmas and then we do Kristen's family at New Years and after, but this year we have Christmas with everyone THIS week and it was all fairly last minute (told last week).

Sorry I haven't been around much, I am going to try to get caught up with everyone's posts this evening!
2012-12-11 12:16 pm

I lost my brain somewhere between the boutique and Christmas...

I just wanted to post that if anyone got a Christmas card signed Always, Tara that it was from me lol!! Unfortunately my fried brain forgot to put a return address on all the Christmas cards I sent out lol!! Think I was stressed? The answer would be yes!! Anyways I hope you all enjoy your cards!!

AND....I will catch up on entries tonight! I am several days behind and I feel like a terrible friend!
2012-12-08 12:15 am
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My Stalkers...

Taken from [livejournal.com profile] zombiequeen

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7[livejournal.com profile] zombiequeen50 50
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10[livejournal.com profile] tnb31046 46
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Total Commenters: 100 (35 not shown)
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2012-12-04 12:33 am

30 Days of Thankfulness

Day 30: I am thankful to actually know something about my family now and where I come from. This picture is part of my family that migrated to the U.S. from Mink, Russia.Two years ago Kristen and I sat down and did hours upon hours of research to try and find out who my family was and where they originated. After many months I found out that my dad's side of the family can be traced to Minsk, Russia and their entrance in the United States only 3 generations back was in New York. My mom's side of the family is from Sicily, Italy and Slovenia and also entered the United States 3 generations back in New York and migrated to Colorado. I am the 4th generation here in the U.S on both sides. My dad's side of the family are Russian Jews and obviously my mom's side is Italian and Slovakian. I am just so grateful to know something, anything about my family and to have found pictures is just a bonus. Unfortunately I went as far back as I can on my dad's side since the synagogue records were destroyed. I still have plenty of work to do on my mom's side. I did however, find out that I have an uncle I didn't know about that lives here in CA and we have talked off and on. I will continue my research eventually.This has meant the world to me!
2012-12-04 12:17 am

30 Days of Thankfulness

Day 29: I am thankful for beauty! I took this picture while at Oceanside a couple years ago while my mom and dad were visiting. The things we see in this life are just amazing and it is something I am genuinely thankful for! It is times like these that make me realize just how lucky I am!
2012-12-03 11:25 pm
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I was invited to see a movie today that I had never heard of. I guess there have even been previews, but I hadn't seen one so I Google'd it and decided I did want to see it. I met Kristen's aunts Julie and Becky at the movie theater this afternoon and we saw The Life of Pi in 3D. Unfortunately Kristen had to work so it was just us, but I do things with them all the time so it totally isn't weird. I actually look forward to spending time with them. It was a really good movie and I recommend seeing it! It was so moving and the story was neat! I held back the tears a few times, but at the end I just couldn't any longer. The movie was a book, so some of you nutty (only because I rarely read) readers on my friend's list may have even read it before. I usually do not pay extra for 3D movies unless there is a good reason, because I just do not think it makes a huge difference in most movies, but today they had already decided to see it in 3D and I was a guest. In all honesty I do not think this movie would have been the same without seeing it in 3D, so I really do recommend seeing it that way if you can! Afterwards we went across the street to this Italian place called Dahlia's. They have delicious pizza so we shared a supreme pizza and a basket of my favorite breaded mushrooms with ranch. It was just a really nice afternoon and evening and I enjoyed getting out of the house.

Anyways I am still sick but fighting it daily! My voice is so deep and I am pretty sure I sound like a man (who knows maybe I sound sexy) lol! My nose is stuffy to the point I can't taste my food and yet manages to run a little here and there. I hope Kristen isn't sick like this as well, because she came home from work after only being there for 3 hours last night because she threw up while working. She seemed to be okay the rest of the day today though and still went to work tonight. If she gets sick I sure hope it's done and out of the way before Saturday and that I am better by then too. I just don't want either of us to be miserable for my boutique or for the Disneyland event that evening.
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