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Yesterday I went to Beach Crafter's, which is the store that is going to carry my jewelry in Long Beach, CA. I thought it would be a good idea to go and look and see what it was like and what I would need to set up my display. It was neat, there were some really talented artists. Everything from bags made from men's ties, hand dyed scarves and handmade pottery to quilts and different jewelry. The owner told me about first Fridays, which is a street fair that happens the first Friday of every month right on the street outside the store. She said they get a lot of traffic. After checking it out I decided I am going to rent a 4 x 4 spot which will cost $80/mo. I had to go get a table of some kind, so yesterday I went around to a bunch of thrift stores and finally found the perfect table at a local Goodwill. It is a drop leaf table, so the ends fold over and then this particular table has three leafs in the center...it means this table can adjust from 2 ft. to 7 ft.depending on what pieces you use. It also is real wood and can be refinished. It was an awesome score!! It is a perfect table for just about every situation, the best part is it was only $39.99! I have decided that I am going to set up my table similar to what I had the set up look like for the boutique. Here are the pictures from the boutique table that I set up (http://tarakins42.livejournal.com/148871.html) Do you all have any suggestions of things I should change or make look different or do you think it looks good the way it was?!

Tomorrow is Kristen's 35th birthday and she will be home around 1 am, so I went and got her some flowers and a card to put with the jewelry I made for her. I found these beautiful orange tear drop shape glass beads that I made into a Byzantine necklace for her. Then I took a couple of the beads and made a pair of wire wrap earrings for her. She will be surprised when she gets home from work here in a couple hours. Tomorrow we are meeting some of her family for lunch at BJ's and then her and I and aunt Lucy are going to stay and watch the Bronco game. Lucy is just as big a fan as I am only she is older so she has been a fan longer! I sure hope we beat those Ravens tomorrow to go to the division championship! I will be wearing my jersey proudly!

Kristen's flowers and jewelry

I also wanted to post some more adorable pictures of one of our nieces and nephews. They are getting so big and have the cutest personalities! I believe these were the family pictures for their Christmas cards this year! We love these kids to death and herein a couple weeks we will be going to Disneyland with them again! It will be Mia's 6th birthday and I got her a few Disney princess pins for her lanyard along with a cheerleading Minnie pin! The Minnie is perfect because she is in red and black which are the same colors that Mia cheers in!

That is about all that is going on right now. I am sure I will have another post after tomorrow! Hope all of you have a fantastic weekend!!
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